Monday, May 19, 2014

A & J Hot Point Hot Pot

Background Story:
My dear mother and I came to A&J Hot Point Hot Pot before she left for Thailand the past year (2013). It was a last minute choice and we wanted to give the new place a try!

We were quickly seated and opted for the all you can eat set A. Our servers were very polite and always had their eyes out to make sure every table was all right. They had a good amount of employees, especially since dinner time was just around the corner. The whole experience of our dinner was great, only a few hiccups with the servers forgetting some of our stuff but I try not to be so hard on the servers since the restaurant had opened not too long ago, so it wasn't their fault that they were still getting used to the whole system of the restaurant.

As previously said, we choose the all you can eat set A with two different broths, the House Special and the Kimchi soup. The taste wasn't too strong which is what I prefer, and when the food came out it was just a matter of cooking our food. I really enjoyed the sliced beef and the different assortment of meatballs and really have no complaint about the food. I mean, how wrong can you go with cooking your own food right?

Good food (does this mean i'm saying that I am a good cook?), good service. I mean really what more can I ask for right?

  • 222 S Citrus St
  • West Covina, CA 91791
  • (626) 800-8470

Saturday, June 23, 2012


This is a short video I recorded while I went to the Covina Farmer's Market yesterday! There was great food and great music! It's such an amazing environment that I think is hard to find now a days and would recommend everyone to go to! Take your friends, parents, kids, and pets!!

I don't believe there is an actual site where there is a compilation of all the farmer's market around the world, but I am sure you can google search is there is one at a location near you!!

This video I made for my dear friend Hana, who in Korea. She wasn't able to come to the U.S. this summer so I thought I would vlog when I go places so that I can give her a piece of California. And excuse the bad video quality too, I forgot my camera at home and had to use my iphone instead.

Have fun everyone!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Once upon a time, it was the 2012 Thai New Years festival in Hollywood. The streets were filled with people and the lines for every food booth was beyond long and was accompanied by a pretty high price. But then again, it was a festival. What did I expect? So amongst the pushing and shoving of the people to get to the other side of the festival, my friends and I decided to eat at this tiny restaurant instead. And here is where our journey through Ord Hoyka Noodle Shop began.

Le bf ordered the pad see ew, but his roommates ordered the boat noodle soup and I opted for the same thing. It seems like the only place to get "real" thai food was in the Hollywood area, so I took this chance to get this dish, since I wouldn't find it around where I live.

The Boat noodle was savory and spicy! I loved it! Though the portion is small, and left me wanting more, that's how they eat it Thailand so my American born tummy shouldn't complain. The only thing I have to complain about this dish is that I would've LOVED it if they added pork rind, but sadly you have to pay for those. My bf's pad see ew was also a good choice! Though it isn't the best i've had it wasn't bad. I just wished it was a bit more sweet and salty.

The restaurant itself is very nicely decorated. Very hip and fit very well in a busy and hip city. If this place wasn't so far from my apartment I would go here so often! Wish they open a place like this in the OC area.

5401 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Neighborhood: Hollywood


I've lived in Irvine for the past three years, so why on earth have I never tried this place??!!!! I don't know...I hadn't even heard of this place til recently! I finally gave this place a try after hearing hundreds (a bit of an overstatement) of people tell me how good it is! After hearing my bf's neighbors and roommates talk about it many times during their capcom vs. marvel battles I decided I wanted a taste myself, but was too lazy to go by myself, so I waited until someone suggested to go. I came with a bunch of friends and the le boyfriend. I am so happy that they wanted Mick's Karma Bar for dinner that night (even though they had had it recently) or else it would've taken me a while to finally try the place! So here goes my review.

The Karma Burger. *drool.* I know, not very lady like of me, but seriously, I just drooled a little just by reminiscing the taste of that fabulous burger while I typed it out. We all got the Karma Burger combo along with their well known strawberry basil lemonade! Yup! All six of us got the same exact thing. We weren't feeling very original that day so we all just followed the leader (in this case our dear friend Alex). And man am I happy that I was a follower that night! The karma burger wasn't my first choice, but I wasn't being decisive enough so I just followed Alex. We all ordered and waited outside and was kindly served our food and drinks within a good amount of time. I was a bit hesitant because the burger was so big I just didn't know how I wanted to attack it first. The burger came along with steak fries so I just chewed on those as I thought of an attack plan. The fries were great! Not too oily and yummy delicious! After maybe the third piece of french fry I picked up my burger, took a bite, and fell in LOVE. Now, i'm not going to say that this is better than In-N-Out, for In-N-Out has a very special place in my taste bud's heart but boy! Was this good!!! I particularly enjoyed the the thickness of the patty, for I am a meat lover! The taste of the patty was fresh and juicy! And to me had a little bit of seasoning which was great! The Karma sauce on the burger was also fabulous! Being a person who is not a big fan of burger sauces (I get a lot of my burger sauce-less) this sauce spun my world around. I don't know what it is but it definitely got two thumbs up from me! I finished the burger in a good amount of time. Definitely made me want more!

The strawberry lemonade on the other hand didn't quite live up to my expectations, but none the less it was pretty good. I think I expected more of a BAM! kind of taste from it but that's okay. You can taste the basil which was strangely a good mix with the lemonade. Sort of remind me of the mint juleps they serve at Disneyland. They offer free refills,  which is great, because I feel like not many places offer free refills for their unique drinks.So we definitely went back for refills a couple times.

The place itself is a cool hip looking kind of place though hidden from the eyes of those driving by for it is hidden in a business/office area. You park in the structure next to it and can get your parking ticket validated (2 hours for free I believe) so everything works out well for your visit! The interior provides a few bar seating and a couple of tables with high chairs, but the outside offers many tables and chairs for all numbers of parties with a great view and ambiance!

I definitely have been recommending this place to my friends and roommates who are burger lovers and will most definitely be stopping by here again! Until next time Mick's Karma Bar!

2010 Main St.
Ste 165
Irvine, CA 92614


This post is beyond late. Due to lack of time, I was unable to continue this blog that I wanted to create, so here I am trying to post all of my reviews about all these lovely bakeries, cafes, and restaurants since school is now on break for me!
Now this post will be a collection of some of the delicious meals i had in Thailand. Since yelp does not exist in Thailand I decided to just put these pictures here! I hope you all enjoy:)

more to come:)


The times I come back home to Covina, this seems to be the place my mom always wants to go! Can't blame her they price and the portion is awesome! Also, it is the place she's been going to since she moved to Glendora/Covina (uh..since i was born pretty much!) though I on the other hand have only been here three or four times. The restaurant to me has that "home-y" feeling that makes customers all warm and fuzzy. Why you ask? It's because of the energetic and loving waiters and waitresses they have. I have to say overall, the food, the service, and the environment is pretty good! It's your typical small Japanese restaurant that caters to the American taste buds.

My mom always (and believe me when I say always) orders her favorite combo. I can't really remember what the number is exactly but the combination would come with an abundant amount of food! Her plate included shrimp and vegetable tempura, california rolls, side salad, steamed rice, and teriyaki chicken. There is so much that sometimes my mom and I would have to share one plate, if we stopped by because of her cravings.

I, very much the same as my dear mother, ordered a similar combo except mine included gyoza. I don't know why, but for some reason when I go eat at a Japanese restaurant, I all of a sudden will have the most ridiculous craving for gyozas!! Our orders came to our table quite fast, and o-m-g! was there a lot of food! You can bet your lovely butts that I did not finish my plate! Anyways, the tempuras were crunchy and delectable! The gyozas to me seem like any other gyozas at any other Japanese restaurant. The salad was gooooodddddd!! I usually am not a fan of salad but they knew how to get my taste buds! The dressing had a sweet taste to it and the lettuce was cut into small pieces so that i didn't have to map out a way to eat one piece of lettuce like I do at other restaurants. The california rolls is the typical california rolls they serve elsewhere, so nothing to complain there. But the best part of the plate though, was definitely the teriyaki chicken! I loved there sauce! It's not too sweet! And it has a great blend of saltiness in the dish! The chicken isn't overcooked or chewy and were cut into thin pieces which I think is their secret weapon! The food was great! I have no problem with going here when I visit my mom.

I LOOOOVEEE the sassy waitress we got at our most recent visit. Well, I mean, she's not sassy, I just can't explain her. She's very outgoing. I felt like she was my very own sassy Japanese aunt! Either than that the waiters and waitresses that we have had the other times have been more than kind and helpful.

Definitely has the Japanese feel to it. No doubt. Casual restaurant, but I wouldn't mind taking friends there for a semi formal dinner. The price is amazing! Especially for the amount of food you get!

533 S. Glendora Ave
West Covina, CA 91790

Monday, May 21, 2012


What a delightful treat! I must say, after having the pastries here i just can't seem to get them out of my head!

I came here with my friends a while ago, and to be honest...i wasn't as excited to try those beautiful pastries like i usually am to try any new joint. But even though, I still ended up getting 3-4 pastries for myself. I got the usual pastries that can be found in most bakeries, but what really caught my taste buds were those beyond delicious strawberry croissants!! I can't agree more with all these yelpers who are raving about those delicious pastries! The strawberry croissant had the most delectable mixture of taste and texture. The cream was not too sweet and the strawberries were a great balance for the whole treat. I have definitely been craving this place almost every other day! And one day, i shall go back!

602 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 665-8239